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Starry Night Rendition

I've always been enamored with Van Gogh's work, and wanted to do a large-scale tribute to him. This is currently in my living room, painted over the course of 4 months in 2017 on a 7x9' wall. I used a mixture of acrylic and latex, adding in gloss medium with some paints to make the overall effect more textured and grand.

Music is What Feelings Sound Like

I was brought up in a family of musicians, and every type of music is close to my heart. It was very important that I have a main section of my house dedicated to my family's passion and life's work. This 7x9' mural is bright, colorful, happy, and incorporates music and nature in a way that makes you smile when you see it, just the way it was intended to :)

Just another angle to the 'Music is What Feelings Sound Like' mural

Milky Way

This was painted for a childrens' playroom, is textured, super colorful, and includes a (mostly) realistic rendition of each of the planets in our solar system. Who knew.. murals can be educational, too!


This entire room was painted last year in a white, grey, teal and chartreuse 'Wish' dandelion theme, as per the request of the 12-year-old who occupies in this room :)  This dandelion is 8.5 feet tall, and matches the decor and furniture, which was also painted to match the theme.


The closet wall was the smallest in the room by far, so it was a piece of cake. Just love how the lantern lamp we created also matches the room. She didn't want to part with the posters when we redecorated, but they match pretty well I think!

Retro Diner Kitchen

This 'brick' wall is not what it seems. We took a plain, white apartment wall, and used sponges with a mix of paint colors to create this brick wall. This covers the entire span of this 7x9' wall, and really makes a statement.

Retro Diner Kitchen

The other side of this apartment kitchen has 'Eat' simply painted on the wall in a mustard yellow to contrast the burnt red wall, with a mix of matching decor making this kitchen much more cozy, quirky, and enjoyable to use.

Grey Geometric

This tiny bathroom was a pea-green color before, and we transformed in into a unique, geometric mix of grey, beige and white. 


The geometric pattern spans over one entire wall, even over the shower tile


'The Bath' is painted in a script-font above the middle of the tub area to add a little old-world charm to the room

Pink Paris

A Paris-themed room that included a lamp post, a french girl scene, hat rack, cafe scene, Eiffel tower and clock tower in grey and pale pink for a 10-year-old girls' room

Japanese Theme

This was a smaller mural in a family's entryway, of a cherry blossom scene featuring my rendition of Kung-Fu Panda, per their request :)

Green Tree Theme

This 9 foot tall tree was painted to brighten up a bathroom, making you feel like you're in a forest. The family is represented by birds sitting in the tree

Pink Paris

The family's kitties were a neat addition and necessary part to this mural

Mediterranean Theme

This is a painted stone window scene with vines and a vase, looking out into the sky and sea. This is painted in a bedroom on the upper part of a 6x9' wall